About Comparative Literature

In Comparative Literature we study literature across national and cultural boundaries, chronological periods and academic disciplines.

Study opportunities in Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature explores topics such as:

  • the social and psychological functions of storytelling
  • concepts of tragedy
  • the relationship between literature and the visual arts
  • literature depicting cross-cultural encounters.

You can include Comparative Literature courses in the Bachelor of Arts. We offer a full postgraduate programme in Comparative Literature.

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The postgraduate programme in Comparative Literature

Our postgraduate programme is the only one of its kind in New Zealand in that it requires students to study the literatures of two or more cultures in their original languages. Students with a background of two languages and literatures can study within a broad, comparative framework and research across different cultures and disciplines. The PhD programme in Comparative Literature is particularly strong, with students from many different countries.

Postgraduate study and research in Comparative Literature

Staff research in Comparative Literature

We have expertise in a wide range of research areas, with particular strengths in cross-cultural encounter. Comparative Literature also draws upon the expertise of staff in the School of Cultures, Languages and Linguistics, and the School of Māori Studies and Pacific Studies.

Staff research in Comparative Literature