Recent PhD thesis topics

Recently completed PhD theses in Asian Studies.

  • Jun Nakamura: "Cognitive semantics of the qualitative suffix in the Japaense spatial demonstratives koko, soko, and asoko: SPACE, THING, and TIME."
  • Tonghong Cai: "Redefining a new cinema: a textual study of Chinese new-generation films."
  • Jung-Hsuan Chen: “Out of Exile: Women’s creative journeys into and out of Taiwan and New Zealand.”
  • Gao Xiaoping: “Variation in the ba construction in the interlanguage of L2 Chinese.”
  • Howard Gilbert: “Wrestling with globalisation: amateur sumo as a nascent global sport.”
  • Gong Hongyu: “Missionaries, reformers and the beginnings of Western music in late imperial China (1839-1911).”
  • Bon-Giu Koo: “Koreans between Korea and New Zealand: international migration to a transnational social field.”
  • Adam Yung Lam: “Identity, tradition and globalism in post-Cultural Revolution Chinese feature films.”
  • Phoebe Hairong Li: “A virtual Chinatown: the diasporic mediasphere of Chinese migrants in New Zealand.”
  • Liangni Liu: “Homeland on the move: New Chinese immigrants of New Zealand and crossing-border transnationals.”
  • Jing Shen: “Masculinity and the nation: Chinese films of the 1930s and 1980s.”