Recent MA thesis topics

Recently completed MA theses in Asian Studies.


  • Tiger Li: “When Dragon Met Kiwi: Early Diplomatic Relations between China and New Zealand in the Late-Qing Period”
  • Huiqin Yang: Yu-Wen Chih: "The institutionalisation of Taiwanese literature"
  • Emily Tu: Gender and Performativity in Walking through Luojin by Shi Shuqing”
  • Jung-Hsuan Chen: "Ding Ling and self-representation"
  • Jocelyn Zelpha Chambers: “Ma Hezhi’s ‘misreading’ of the Book of Songs in his paintings”
  • Youxue Chen: “Ideal Courtesan: Supernatural beauty in the Liaozhai Zhiyi”
  • Judy Cheung: “The use of films in language learning classes”
  • Hsin-pei Chow: “Slanted images: Images of Chinese in two New Zealand feature films, Illustrious Energy and Broken English
  • Fang Huang: “Time and space in Fang Hongjian’s individual world; an examination of communication in Fortress Besieged
  • Eun-Sil Kang: “Chinese and Korean women immigration in New Zealand: Coping with changed circumstances”
  • Sheryl Lundon, Lin Binyan: “The Man and His Reportage: Is there any sexuality in the political reportage of Liu Binyan?”
  • Owen Martell: “Chinese associations in New Zealand 1860s – Present: their nature, history and social significance”
  • Rebecca Palmer: “Earth, Walls and Mirrors: Architecture and space in the films of Zhang Yimou”
  • Susan Y H Sun: “The under-representation of the Mandarin Chinese BA Structure in the L1 English – L2 Chinese Inter-language”
  • Shumei Yang: “Linguistic analysis of four Chinese poets”


  • Alec Redvers-Hill: “Silent Reading, Silent Writing: A proposal for a New Zealand Sign Language writing system informed by East Asian orthographic principles”
  • Mina Qiao: "Somewhere I belong: Women's urban experiences in Kirino Natsuo's Grotesque"
  • Yuxuan Xie: "Pluralism and the textual construction of an ideal society: A dialogical approach to Hanabusa soshi"
  • Sharni Williamson: "Calm and passion: A textual analysis of Reisei to jonetsu no aida by Ekuni Kaori"
  • Marie Kim: "Kaneshiro Kazuki's 'Zombies' trilogy"
  • Claire Tung: "Reconfiguring tradition - life and work of Yanagawa Koran"
  • Emmy Wei-Ju Chen: “The use of the Suffix -teki in Modern Japanese.”
  • Yi-Fang Chiang: “A Cross-cultural analysis of backchannels in Japanese and Mandarin (Taiwan) Conversations.”
  • Howard Gilbert: “Cartooning Hirohito: The rise and fall of debate about the Emperor, 1945-1947.”
  • Maryann Green: “A new look at the phenomenon of ‘translationese’ in Japanese to English translation: departure from Eurocentric criteria for evaluating translation.”
  • Lynne (Lin-Yao) Hung: “Correlation of Chinese morpheme endings and Japanese vowel length.”
  • Hyun Sook Ahn Kim: “A Study of ga/no conversion in Japanese.”
  • Scott Lambert: “Comparison of two translations of ‘Botchan’ and the shifting focus from formal to dynamic equivalence of translation.
  • Grant Moffat: “The foot in Japanese.”
  • Jeffery Nikoia: “Code Choice of a Japanese Community in Auckland.”
  • Tomoko Tada: “On the prominence-giving particles mo and demo in Japanese.”
  • Reina Takenouchi: “The Relationship between Code-switching and borrowing: Single embedded English items observed in the Japanese community of Auckland.
  • Hae-Sook Whang: “A Study of Korean Speakers’ usage patterns and their attitudes towards Japanese-Pronounced loanwords.



  • Seoyoon Oh: "Coexistence, cooperation and solidarity: The ideal national education agenda for Korean ethnic schools in Japan"
  • Iain Sands: "North Korean defectors in South Korea"
  • Iain Stewart: “Yi Ki Young and Feminism.”