Staff research

We carry out research on a wide variety of topics within applied linguistics and language teaching.

Gary Barkhuizen BA(Hons) (Rhodes), MA (Essex), EdM, EdD (Columbia)
Language teacher education, sociolinguistics: learner language, studies that use narrative inquiry and other interpretative methodologies.

Michael Barlow BSc(Hons), MSc (Liverpool), PhD (Stanford University)
Corpus linguistics, corpora and language learning, contrastive analysis, idiolectal variation.

Helen Basturkmen PhD
Spoken discourse / pragmatics, error correction, ESP, teacher cognition.

Rob Batstone MA (Oxon), PhD (London)
Sociocognitive perspectives on identity, pedagogical grammar, teacher beliefs, learner interpretations of classroom activity, sociocognitive perspectives on language use and language learning.

Jason Brown PhD (British Columbia)
Phonology, phonetics and laboratory phonology, morphology, syntax, Austronesian languages, Papuan languages, language documentation.

Louisa Buckingham MA (Macquarie; Salamanca), PhD (Granada)
Language use in social life, the news media, multilingual and multicultural societies.

Dr Rosemary Erlam MA(Hons), PhD (Auckland)
Form-focused instruction, teacher education, instructed second / foreign language learning in the NZ school system.

Yan Huang BA, MA, (Nanking) PhD (Cantab), DPhil (Oxon)
Pragmatics, anaphora, pragmatics-semantics interface, pragmatics-syntax interface, typology, philosophy of language.

Shaofeng Li PhD (MSU)
Second language interaction, corrective feedback, individual differences, quantitative research methods, language testing, task-based language learning and teaching.

Neil Matheson MAT(ESOL) (School for International Training)
Contributing-student pedagogy, corpus development, feedback, peer review.

Keith Montgomery MA, PhD (Auckland), Trinity Cert (TESOL)
Acquisition of second-language phonology, phonetics and phonology teaching Middle English language, editing Middle English literature.

John Read MA(Hons) (Victoria), PhD (New Mexico)
Second language vocabulary assessment, testing English for academic and professional purposes.

Lizzy Roe MSc (Edinburgh), RSA Dip. TEFLA, RSA Cert. TEFLA, Cert French Language and Civilisation (Bourgogne)
Teaching and learning methodology, language skills proficiency, language assessment, teacher development.

Tan Bee Tin PhD (Southampton)
Materials development, studies of academic discourse, the ‘affective’ and ‘aesthetic’ aspect of language teaching and language teacher education, opportunities offered by creative writing activities in EFL/ESL classrooms.

John Tomlins MEd(Dist) (Manchester)
Critical Language Teaching, dialogical approaches to teaching pedagogy, English for Academic Purposes.

Rosemary Wette Dip SLT (Massey), Dip Tchg, MA(Hons), PhD
Language teacher cognition, the second language curriculum, teaching academic writing, English for Academic Purposes, English for Medical Purposes.

Martin White MEd (Temple), PG Dip (Sheffield), PGCE (Nottingham)
Academic writing, academic literacy, second language acquisition, genre analysis and academic texts.

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