Recently completed PhD thesis topics


Laura Thompson - Eliciting and analysing perceptions of prosodic prominence: A Māori case study


Sara Amani - Metacognitive Strategy Instruction and Pre-task Planning” Impact on L2 Argumentative Writing Ability

Tom Finlayson - The news interview as contest: Constraint, evasion and persistence: A diachronic study

Takaaki Hiratsuka - Understanding the Perceptions and Practices of Team Teachers and Students in Japanese High Schools through Exploratory Practice (EP)

Ajmal Khan - A Study of the Language Attitudes and Practices in the Context of Two Elite English-Medium Schools in Pakistan

Wei Li - Foreign language acquisition of Mandarin locative structures

Jiancheng Qian - Second language reading in a CALL environment: The effect of annotation use and the role of working memory

Juan Tian - Understanding Chinese EFL Teachers' Beliefs about English with a Yin-Yang Perspective

Xiaoying Wang - Investigating assessment practices in three EFL oral language classrooms in China


Airil Adnan - Language use and workplace participation in the identity construction of Bumiputera Malay undergraduates in Malaysia

Chen (Arthur) Chen - Conditional Constructions in the Manchu Language

Cendrine Jarraud-Leblanc - The Evolution of Written Bislama

Darcy Sperlich - The Acquisition of Long-Distance Reflexives in Chinese as an Interlanguage: An Experimental Study

Hideyuki Sugiura - Positionally-sensitive grammar : reversed polarity questions in Japanese

Lin Yan - The Effects of task planning on L2 writing

Runhan Zhang - Investigating Lunguistic Knowledge of a second language & its relationship to general language profieciency & individual learner differences in an EFL context


Colleen Bright - Role of academic writing in the study experience of undergraduate business students

Le Chang - Investigating the relationships between Chinese university EFL learners' metacognitive listening strategies and their comprehension and incidental vocabulary acquisition from listening tasks

Rachel Lee - Writing as a literacy development for low achievers : th case of a neighbourhood school in Singapore

Kishwer Sultana - Hybrid Language and Constructions of Modernity in Pakistani Advertising Discourse

Dawn Booth - Learner contributions to the washback of the TOEIC: A case study at one Korean University.

Vaclav Brezina - Certainty and uncertainty in spoken academic discourse.

David Frear - The effect of written corrective feedback and revision on intermediate Chinese learners' acquisition of English.

Dana Gablasova - Learning and defining new subject-specific words (terms) through L1 and L2.

Margaret Kitchen - Imagined lives : the Korean community and policy and practices at a New Zealand high school.

Nadia Mifka-Profozic - Effectiveness of oral corrective feedback on the acquisition of French past tenses.

Jeannet Stephen - English load words in the Malay print media and their implications for English vocabulary acquisition.

Qunyan Zhong - The beliefs and learner strategy use of low-proficiency chinese learners and their impact on learning English in a New Zealand context.


Mohammadtaghi Shahnazari Dorcheh - The roles of working memory in second language reading comprehension.

Qi Li - The motivation of Chinese Learners of English in a foreign and second language context.

Natsuko Shintani - A comparison of the effects of comprehension-based and production-based instruction on the acquisition of vocabulary and grammar by young Japanese learners of English.

Jianxin Wang - Contrastive connectors in English and Chinese: a corpus-based study.


Morad Abdulaziz Al-Sahafi - The dynamics of language maintenance among Arabic-speaking Muslim immigrant families in New Zealand.

Tun Nur Afizah Binti Zainal Ariff -  English for daees: An ethnographic discourse analysis approach to understanding the spoken language use/discourse of daees.

Xiaoping (Sherri) Gao - Variation in the ba construction in the interlanguage of L2 Chinese.

Jennifer Marguerite Jones - An ethnographic inquiry into the implementation of the Kenyan language-in-education policy: (mother tongue as subject and medium of instruction) in the Sabaot language group.

Alison Sophie Ann Reissner-Roubicek - Communication strategies in behavioural job interviews: the influence of discourse norms on graduate recruitment.

Baljit Kaur Surjit Singh - Relational work in requests in service encounters in Malaysia.


Yiqian (Katherine) Cao - Understanding the notion of interdependence, and the dynamics of willingness to communicate.

Thomas Delaney - Individual differences, participation, and language acquisition in communicative EFL classes in a Japanese university.

Yi-chie Ho - Evaluation of an online English learning program.


James Murray Feist - The order of premodifiers in English nominal phrases.

Penelope Ann Hacker - Understanding the nature of language teacher educator learning: substance, narrative essence and contextual reality.


Andreea Calude - Demonstrative Clefts in Spoken English.

Sun Hee Ok Kim - First language attrition in a second language learning environment: the case of Korean-English late bilinguals.

Ute Knoch - Diagnostic writing assessment : the development and validation of a rating scale.

Mark Andrew Wolfersberger - Second language writing from sources : an ethnographic study of an argument essay task.