Recent thesis topics

Morad Al-Sahafi
Mother-tongue maintenance efforts among Arab immigrant children in Auckland, New Zealand

Tun Zainal Ariff
English for Islamic Purposes

Andre Breedt
Articulating a vivid vision of the future: "possible selves" and the motivation of L2 teachers

Vaclav Brezina
Epistemic markers in spoken English

Andreda Calude
Demonstrative Clefts in Spoken English

Thomas Delaney
Oral participation in class: What contributes to it and what relationship does it have to language development?

Jim Feist
Order of pre-modifiers in English Nominal Phrases

David Frear
The Effect of Written Corrective Feedback and Revision on Intermediate Chinese Learners' Acquisition of English

Kazumi Fujiwara
Evaluation of Task-based Online Course Materials

Dana Gablasova
Spoken and written academic discourse; bilingual learning; bilingual education; interaction of language, content (specific knowledge, subject matter knowledge) and individual characteristics

Xiaoping (Sherri) Gao
Variability of Chinese ba Construction in Interlanguage

Serena Gould
Linking vocabulary acquisition with reading strategies in a second language; using authentic texts in the adult ESL classroom; extensive and intensive reading.

Penny Hacker
Language teacher educator learning: A narrative inquiry in Aotearoa New Zealand

Nor Zakiah Hamid
Translating Idioms from Malay to English: A Corpus Based Approach

Yi-chie Ho
Evaluation of an Online Program

Haolei Hu
A study of the effectiveness of form-focused tasks in the web-based environment on upper-intermediate Chinese learners in tertiary EFL Classes

Jenny Jones
An ethnographic inquiry into the implementation of the Kenyan language-in-education policy

Baljit Kaur
Verbal interaction at a service counter, specifically request strategies in service encounters in a Malaysian context.

Sun Hee Ok Kim
First language attrition in a second language learning environment : the case of Korean-English late bilinguals

Ute Knoch
Diagnostic writing assessment: The development and validation of a rating scale

Harim Lee
Learner-learner L2 interaction in EFL classrooms: Its characteristics and impact on L2 development

Qi Li
Motivation and Second language acquisition

Yan Lin
The effects of focus on form and focus on forms instruction on the process of L2 grammar learning

Sophie Reissner
A discourse analysis of communication strategies in student employment interviews

Luzia Sauer
Second language acquisition of Swiss exchange students in New Zealand

Natsuko Shintani
Second Language Acquisition, Task-based language teaching, vocabulary acquisition

Hui Ging Jeanne Sii
Genre Analysis and the Pragmatics of Politeness

Jeannet Stephen
The acquisition of English vocabulary by UMS undergraduates: the role of the academic English loan words as used in the Malay language.

Hideyuki Sugiura
Adjectives in Spoken Japanese: A Corpus-Based Approach

Jianxi Wang
Contrastive/concessive connectors in English and Chinese: a corpus-based study

Zhenjing (Amy) Wang
A Case Study on EFL Teachers' Written Feedback: Teachers' Perception and Actual Teacher Performance

Ian Wilson
The academic literacy of adult learners entering tertiary bridging programmes in preparation for academic study

Chaohong Xiang
Negative feedback and second language acquisition

Hong Yu
An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Collaboration in Group Work in An EFL Context

Maggie Zhong
Chinese language learner beliefs about language learning and their language proficiency: in a New Zealand context

Yulin Zhou
A Corpus-based research on Business Communication