Current PhD students



PhD research

Najla Alfadda A comparative study of strategies for making a complaint in English and Arabic
Alia Alias

Written corrective feedback
Hamed Al-Tairi The voiced emphatic stop in Thamari and Hadhrami Arabic dialects
Morteza Bagheri Sangachin Making sense of native and non-native English teachers’ teaching beliefs and classroom practices
Brett Chapman

The impact of immigrant parents on the English language use of their children born in New Zealand
Lilian Chen

The CG-based approach to the analysis of the Chinese "w+si+le" construction
Jihua Dong Corpus-based study of the evaluative phraseology in agriculture academic discourse
Mengxia Fu

The effects of the timing of recasts on the acquisition of different linguistic targets in written and oral tasks
Sean Grant Positive psychology in applied linguistics: The influence of creativity and persistence
Vincent Greenier Exploring the correlation between creative development and SLA through an arts-based curiculum
Cindy Hao A comparative study of compliments in pragmatics

Sara Jin  

Pattern recognition: Using a corpus to help non-native speakers write naturally
Ye Jin

A contrastive corpus-based study of prepositions with Image Schema Theory

Aziz Khan

A narrative ethnography of teachers in Pakistan and implications for language policy

Beidi Li

Exploring the lives of native English-speaking teachers and their identities construction and negotiation in an EFL context

Cathy Li

The influence of language teacher education program on EFL student teachers’ beliefs about language teaching and learning

Jiayan Lin  

A study on Chinese L2 learners' overuse of the definite article with first-mention nouns

Xiaohua Liu Exploring differential item functioning and its source in the CET4 Reading subtest

Sai Ma  

Fictive motion in Chinese and English

Morena Magalhaes

A narrative study of doctoral students' experiences in meeting the language demands of studies in one English medium university

Farnaz Mehr

Study of metadiscourse in conference presentations of humanities postgraduate students: A comparison of native speakers and non-native speakers of English

Faezeh Mehrang

The effect of task structure, task repetition and reformulation on foreign language written performance

Jenny Mendieta Aguilar  

A narrative enquiry of curriculum change: A blended-learning experience

Zoe Newbury

English native speakers' acquisition of Mandarin phonetics

Seunghee Pak Motivation and identity of youth refugee ESL learners in New Zealand
Pariwat Thararuedee

The employability of non-native English teachers in Thailand
Amy Wang

Effectiveness of oral corrective feedback in a foreign language environment
Viola Wei

Implicit knowledge and explicit knowledge: Investigating the influence of age on the acquisition of English as a foreign language
Tana Wu A corpus-based comparative study on "eating' chunks between English and Mongolian

Shuxia Yang  

A comparative study on the diachronic development of portmanteau words in English and Chinese: A cognitive approach

Addie Zheng Cleft and pseudo-cleft constructions in Chinese