Current PhD students



PhD research

Nusiebah Alali How “Islamic” is the Islamic State? A Corpus-Assisted Discourse Study of ISIS Employment of Religious Discourse in its Propaganda
Najla Alfadda Business Complaints Calls in Saudi Arabic: A Pragmatic Discourse Analytic Study
Hamed Al-Tairi Tongue Retraction in Arabic: An Ultrasound and Acoustic Study
Engy Abdel Baky  A study of Twitter feminist discourse in Egypt from a critical discourse analysis perspective
Mahmoud Aljamal  Warning in Jordanian and Modern Standard Arabic: A Socio-Pragmatic Analysis.
Hamideh Baggali Basmenji  Genre Learning and Academic Writing: Postgraduate Students at a University in Iran
Morteza Bagheri Sangachin  Making Sense of Native and Non-native English Teachers’ Teaching Beliefs and Classroom Practices and How They Attribute Their Stated Beliefs to Different Factors
Jovan Cavor  Issues of target culture acquisition and identity construction in Korean learners of English in New Zealand.
Brett Chapman  The Use of the Present Perfect and Simple Past in New Zealand English
Orlando Chaves Varon The development of second language writing skills in a comprehensive foreign language curriculum in
Farnaz Rajabi Mehr Study of Metadiscourse in Conference Presentations of Humanities Postgraduate Students: A comparison of Native Speakers and Non-native Speakers of English
Jihua Dong  Corpus-based study of the evaluative phraseology in agriculture academic discourse
Shuangshuang Chen  Null subjects in Chinese
Mengxia Fu  The Effects of the Timing of Recasts on the Acquisition of Different Linguistic Targets in Written and Oral Tasks
Morena Dias Botelho De Magalhaes  A narrative study of doctoral students' experiences in meeting the language demands of studies in one English medium university.
Maria Guapacha Chamorro Computer versus paper-based foreign language writing: How does the writing medium affect EFL writers’ cognitive processes, text quality and raters’ scoring?
Mandana Hazrat  Involvement Load Hypothesis and its impact on vocabulary learning
Maki Hignett  Fukushima refugees in New Zealand: Identity and second language development
Jiye Hong  English-Medium Instruction in Korean Educational Settings: Policy, Implementation, and Learning
Melissa Irvine  An emerging language variety in St. Lucia
Ye Jin  A cognitive approach to the semantics of up/down and shang/xiz
Thi (Ngoc Phuong) Le  Research articles in Applied Linguistics and Mechanical Engineering: A corpus-based study into rhetorical structures and linguistic features
Linda Lei Adults' Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Phrases Used as Both Adverbials and Complements
Yan Liang  The relationship between form-focused instruction and learners’ language acquisition in CSL classroom.
Hye-Young Lim  Changes in New Zealand students’ beliefs about language learning and second language proficiency
Xiaohua Liu  Establishing the Foundation for a Diagnostic Assessment of Reading in English for Academic Purposes
Yali Liu  Writing for publication: Lecturers of foreign languages (other than English) in China
Sayantan Mandal  PF: From Philosophical Postulations to Typological, Computational and Evolutionary Evidence
Pascal Matzler  Doctoral writing in the natural sciences: the texts and contexts of mentoring by co-authorship
Alexander Muir  “Distributed exponence” - how syntax constructs the morphology of the verb phrase
Van Vuong Nguyen  A comparative study of metaphor used in economic discourse in English and Vietnamese based on corpus linguistics and cognitive linguistics.
Seunghee Pak  Motivation and identity of youth refugee ESL learners in New Zealand.
Nhu'Luan Pham  Humanizing global EFL course-books for students in Vietnam: Effects on language performance, interest and self-esteem
Priscilla Shak  Developing a Framework for Effective Group Assessment in the ESP Classroom
Miyoung Song  The Effects of Extensive Reading on Vocabulary Acquisition and Reading Comprehension and the Mediating Effects of Working Memory and Motivation
Siriphan Suwannalai  The long-term impact of study abroad on English language teacher educators' professional identity development in Thailand
Gervazio Tchesa  Functional features and the acquisition of L2 English
Pariwat Thararuedee  The Employability of Non-native English Teachers in Thailand.
Hien Tran Investigation into the Use of Interest-based Teaching Strategies to Stimulate Students’ Interest in Reading English
Maria Treadaway Testing the use and balance of standard phraseologies and plain language in pilot-air traffic controller radiotelephony in Oceania
Imdad Ullah Preparing Learners for a Global Experience: Prospects and Challenges for Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence of EFL Learners in Pakistan
Naning Wahyuni Investigating the Development of Children’s Interest in English Language Learning (ELL) Through Free-Reading Time
Vivian Qiong Wang  The Effects of Different Types of Planning and +/- Few Elements on L2 Oral Production
Worasuda Wattanawong  Critical Discourse Analysis on Gender Ideologies in Asian Children's Literature
Lan Wei  Investigating the Influence of Age and Aptitude on the Implicit and Explicit Knowledge of ESL Learners
Tana Wu  Eating and Drinking Expressions in Mongolian: a Corpus-based Study
Xiaoming Xun  A Narrative Inquiry into EFL Teachers' Research Experience in Chinese Institutional Research Communities of Practice