Your first year in the BA conjoint

In a BA conjoint you need to be clear about what you want to study. However you should still try out different BA subjects in your first year and leave your options open for the future.

For most conjoint programmes you will take courses towards both your degrees. However, each conjoint programme is different, so check what your other faculty expects of you.

How many courses to take

Your total enrolment would normally consist of nine courses (135 points), counting what you take for both degrees.

You would normally take four or five BA courses in your first year. This will depend on what you must do for your other degree.

How many subjects to study

Choose two or three BA subjects to study in your first year. These should all be available as BA majors.

See the list of BA subjects.

How to structure your first year's enrolment

  1. Choose two courses in each of two BA subjects.
  2. If you can take a fifth BA course, take this course in a third BA subject.

This will leave your options open for your second year. You will choose one of these subjects to be your BA major, or you could major in two of these subjects.

See the list of BA subjects.

Below is an example of how you might structure your first BA conjoint year.

You would usually enrol in a total of nine courses. We recommend taking four courses in Semester One and five in Semester Two.

Four or five of these nine courses would normally be for your BA component. Choose the two BA subjects that interest you the most and take two courses in each. If you can, take a third course in another BA subject. The subjects you choose should all be available as BA majors (ie, not minors only) to give you flexibility.


Where to find out about subjects and courses

See the Faculty of Arts subject pages.

You can also find out about our subjects and courses in Plan Your Degree.

For a printed copy, phone 0800 61 62 63 or visit the Arts Students' Centre.

Where to get more information

All students should refer to Plan Your Degree.

This tells you about:

  • how to apply and enrol (including enrolment in language courses and General Education)
  • how to plan your degree
  • how to choose your subjects
  • how many points you may enrol in during a year
  • the facilities and resources available.