Faculty of Arts

About Te Whare Kura

Te Whare Kura: Indigenous Knowledges, Peoples and Identities is a Thematic Research Initiative (TRI) hosted by the Faculty of Arts at The University of Auckland. “Te Whare Kura” is a place of higher knowledge and thus symbolises what this TRI hopes to achieve. Te Whare Kura will preserve, enhance and protects the knowledge base of its communities of interest. Using methodologies founded in a Māori world view, it facilitates the recovery and creation of knowledge that is of relevance and benefit to the survival and prosperity of Indigenous communities.


Our mission is to maintain, enhance and protect the mauri (life force) of our knowledges, peoples and identities. We provide research infrastructure and support to enable quality research and develop the capabilities of future indigenous researchers. The principal focus is on research for, by and with Indigenous peoples, primarily Māori along with Pacific indigenous communities, and those who wish to work to assist them to achieve the outcomes they pursue.


Te Whare Kura’s is managed by a team consisting of codirectors, a business manager, a grant writer and an administrator. Strategic leadership and governance is provided by a Steering Committee, which is comprised of academic staff from multiple faculties. Each sub-theme is convened by a leader who is supported by a taumata group of theme champions. Their role is to develop research teams and projects within and across sub-themes.