Yuan Tien

Yuan is studying for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Asian Studies, Politics and International Relations, International Business, and Management.

Yuan Tien

"Being a student in the Faculty of Arts is really rewarding because you are challenged to think outside of the box about everything on a daily basis. My Arts degree has taught me how to think critically and analytically, and to question things from multiple perspectives rather than simply taking them at face value.

"Studying such a broad range of disciplines is awesome. Asian Studies is very interesting and encapsulates the understanding of cultural, political, economic, and historical influences that underpin every society. Politics and International Relations is also a great major if you want to learn about different political systems, theories, and some political history!

"Through the Arts component of my degree, I was able to spend a semester studying abroad in Los Angeles. I attended UCLA and took courses in Politics and Asian Studies there. It was a great way to gain an insight into how other education systems worked, and how they may perceive things differently to us Kiwis.

"My advice to potential undergraduate students would be to study something that you are passionate about, because you will be interested to learn and excel in that area.

"On top of that, really get involved in something — club involvement is where you develop life-long friendships, and learn other useful skills that your academic courses may not teach you. Treat every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow, and make the most of your university experience while it lasts!"

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