Stephanie Piercy

Stephanie is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies and Theological and Religious Studies.

Stephanie Piercy

"I really enjoy the narratives that Classics brings out and the way in which ancient cultures have so heavily influenced our modern understandings about a variety of different topics — all the way from our language, thought processes and how we approach cultures.

"Theological and Religious Studies also ties heavily in with Classics as Biblical study is so heavily rooted to ancient cultures. Religion is a very intriguing topic as it is highly influential in modern society.

"I am planning on completing a Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) next year as I wish to expand Classics as an available option for students to undertake at a high school level.

"I am originally from Hamilton, and I chose to study at the University of Auckland because it was the closest university to my hometown that offered Classical Studies. I was very determined to further my classical knowledge!

"The student lifestyle at the University of Auckland is pretty cool. I was lucky enough to stay at a University Hall during my first two years and would highly recommend it for any future students. It's a great way to meet students from other faculties, cities and countries.

"I'm extremely grateful for the diverse friendships I have made whilst living at these halls – you definitely meet your lifelong friends there, and now I have a huge incentive to travel!

"I would encourage new undergraduate students to step outside your comfort zone at university — you never know what's waiting on the other side. The greatest thing I ever did was take a Theological and Religious Studies course out of sheer curiosity — it has become one of my favourite subjects."

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