Sophie Kennett

Sophie is from the United Kingdom and is studying for a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Theological and Religious Studies.

Sophie Kennett

“I like how both of my chosen subjects have existed throughout time and are significant in human life. Moreover, I enjoy the diversity of my subjects and how they use different parts of my brain. This is why I love being an Arts student, because it provides me with multiple ways of thinking.

“I am currently thinking about the best career choice for me but know that I would like a challenging, stimulating and rewarding role in the future. The area of mathematics that I am studying has a wide range of applications, all of which have exciting job prospects.

“I wanted to experience a really diverse environment at university. New Zealand has many labels but my favourite is natural as it truly describes both the people and the land. In addition, the University of Auckland is world-ranked, so all in all that made it both a sensible and exciting choice for me.

“The University caters well to the student lifestyle with lots of groups and activities to participate in, and there is so much on offer in and around Auckland. There are multiple clubs, markets, shops and outdoor experiences to enjoy.”

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