Sian Canton

Sian is studying for a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Anthropology and History.

Sian Canton

“I’d like to be an archaeologist. Being able to study Archaeology was pretty much the main reason I chose to attend the University of Auckland, along with its central location.

“In the Faculty of Arts you can pursue several paths of study at once. For most disciplines, you’re not restricted to taking heaps of prerequisite courses so you generally get to handpick all your papers. That means you often genuinely enjoy all the courses you are taking in a given semester. This flexibility allows you to be independent in your learning, but you know that you can always get academic advice from the Arts Students’ Centre or your tutors and lecturers.

“For both Anthropology and History, I love the variety and freedom of what you can study. I’ve found that lectures often give an overview of a multitude of topics, and then assignments and essays have allowed me to do more detailed research into the topics which appealed to me most. Anthropology is fantastic at challenging the way that you think about your world, since you look at human life in different ways, and that is endlessly fascinating.

“Because the University is so centrally located the student lifestyle is very much linked to the inner city lifestyle. There are heaps of opportunities to do new things, meet new people, and explore new ideas both on campus through clubs and societies, as well as in Auckland as a whole. The University feels like a part of the city.

“People around the University are often more friendly and welcoming than you think — make conversation with the person you’re sitting next to in your class, and if you are unsure about something don’t hesitate to ask your tutor, lecturer or even a fellow classmate.”


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