Shiprah Christian

Shiprah is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in French, Sociology and Psychology.

Shiprah Christian

“I enjoy the diversity of my subjects. Sociology has challenged me to be more critical and develop a wider understanding of society, and Psychology has developed my research and analytical skills.

“In the Faculty of Arts I have the freedom to choose my subjects so can study what really interests me.

“I enjoy the subjects that I have chosen because they challenge me to think differently and gain and develop key skills. I enjoy French, as I am passionate about the language and culture, and it extends my language abilities.

“Student life at the University of Auckland is great! There is a lot of support available — especially for first year students. The First Year Experience and Uniguide programmes are excellent.

“Volunteering at English Language Enrichment’s ‘Let’s talk to local students’ group is one my non-academic highlights as it helped extend my uni experience to gain skills beyond my studies.

“I would advise students considering university study to do what you are passionate about, even if there is opposition from others. Everyone will have a different opinion and reaction towards your degree choice but what is most important is that you feel that doing an Arts degree is where you are meant to be and that it is what you are truly passionate about.”

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