Shintika Lal

Shintika is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science conjoint, with majors in Linguistics, Classical Studies, Psychology and Statistics.

Shintika Lal

“I have always been very interested in aspects of the human brain and its connections with speech, particularly disorders and deficits. I chose Psychology and Linguistics to study the impact of abnormalities of the human brain and the subsequent effects on the speech of both adults and children. The addition of Statistics as a major enabled me to approach research critically, using statistical modelling to draw conclusions on data.

“I was introduced to the politics, art and drama of Ancient Rome and Greece a few years ago in high school and since then I have been absolutely fascinated by the Classical period. My conjoint combination allows me to explore the society and the architecture of the Classical world in detail.

“I chose the University of Auckland because of the range and flexibility of the subjects – I am able to study courses that capture my interest.

“Apart from the diverse study options available at this University, there are over 100 student-led clubs, encouraging students to be more active within the student community. In my first year, I was introduced to programmes like First Year Experience and Tuakana, which supported students in settling in to the student lifestyle. My personal favourites are the Class Representative, Uniguide and Ambassador programmes, designed to assist in developing leadership skills while helping other students.

“The Faculty of Arts provides great support to all students. This starts at the Arts reception, where students are able to consult experienced staff members about study options and get assistance in degree planning. The latter is a very important part of studying a conjoint degree because it enables the student to understand the regulations.

“I have come across some of the most insightful and talented lecturers, who have not only fuelled my passion for Arts, but have provided a great options for further study. Recently, one of my favourite Arts lecturers encouraged me towards a postgraduate programme in her specialisation and this has been a brilliant motivation for me.”


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