Shameel Kennedy

Shameel is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Psychology.


“My ultimate goal is to be a clinical or forensic psychologist, so that includes doing postgraduate study on top of my BA.

“Being a part of the Faculty of Arts is definitely different to other faculties. It’s a lot friendlier and there isn’t so much of a sense of competitiveness that you can get in some other faculties. There is a huge amount of support available and the opportunities presented to you are endless.

“I love gaining understanding of the various aspects that my two majors touch upon. They’re also very different fields of study that interlink in unexpected ways, so it makes it feel like I’m not doing the same old thing every day but gaining knowledge that works well together and aids my understanding of both areas.

“The student lifestyle at university is a lot different to high school. There’s a lot more freedom and always something to do around campus. You just have to make sure it doesn’t interfere with what you’re studying!

“I would encourage potential undergraduate students to not be afraid to change your mind about what you want to study. It’s what first year is all about – finding what you do and don’t like. I started out studying law but it wasn’t for me so I changed and I’m a lot happier with my degree.”

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