Sapati Apa-Fepulea’i

Sapati Apa-Fepulea’i is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Film and Television.

Sapati Apa-Fepulea’i

"I wanted to study at the University of Auckland because it's really well established in the area I'm studying.

"The Tuakana mentoring programme, along with other mentorship programmes like First Year Experience, also really appealed to me as I didn't want to be completely left on my own in my first year and these programmes are designed to help first year students out.

"The best thing about Arts is that all of the subjects link together in some way. Arts teaches you to think critically about everything and we are always encouraged to ask questions.

"Student life can be very fast-paced but it is also very rewarding  getting back good results that you've worked for, or meeting new people through a club and creating new friendships that you didn't have before is a really awesome experience.

"My advice to new students would be don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! When you try new things, it can be very rewarding. Don’t forget that there are plenty of people here to help you out if you ever need it."

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