Samantha Zi Lin Yeo

Samantha is from Singapore and is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology.

Samantha Zi Lin Yeo

“Deciding to go overseas to study psychology at the University of Auckland was one of the most nerve-wracking decisions I have ever made, but definitely one which I do not regret.

“The University campus is beautiful; the design, the location, and the people there. I like that there are both old and new buildings, it is charming. I am always at the City Campus which is located next to Albert Park.

“New Zealand is different from Singapore in many ways. I like that difference. The environment is very relaxing, with fresh air, parks, animals, beaches, mountains, hills, etc.

“Throughout my first year I came to feel assured that the University of Auckland would support me through my journey. I’m sure that most international students would agree that the biggest learning experience from living overseas is the independence.

“Looking back on this now makes me feel stronger and more capable, like I can do anything as long as I work hard for it. The University of Auckland taught me that I should not be afraid to ask for help, that I am not alone in this, the University staff will guide me.

“Staying at University accommodation helped me out a lot socially, so it was a happy and good experience. Living with other students helps with my studying as well.

“My advice for other students thinking of studying abroad is don’t be afraid to leave home and get out of your comfort zone. It could well be the best decision of your life! It was for me.”

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