Quinn Boesley

Quinn is studying for a Master of Engineering specialising in Bioengineering and a Diploma in Languages in German.

Quinn Boesley

"I am currently in my sixth — and hopefully final — year at university, studying Bioengineering and German.

"In the second year of my Bachelor of Engineering I enrolled in a Certificate in Languages to carry on studying Japanese, which I’d studied at school.

"Towards the end of my degree I decided to change my CertLang to a Diploma and to split my Part IV engineering papers over two years. I started learning German then as well.

"I have really appreciated the flexibility of adding a DipLang to my Engineering degree, and the variety and opportunities it offers. I’ve definitely enjoyed my time at university more since I’ve had the mix of engineering and language courses.

"Through studying German I was able to get a scholarship to study German in Berlin for six weeks, something I'd never even considered before I went to university.

"I would love to do research and development work for a medical device company. I want to try to work in Germany for a few years once I finish my masters.

"Don't be afraid to spend more time at university than you originally planned to, it can take a little while to figure out what you really want to get out of your time here.

"A CertLang or DipLang is also a great addition to any course of study and can open doors you didn’t even know existed."

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