Priya Sharma

Priya is studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws conjoint in Philosophy.

Priya Sharma

“I feel quite comfortable being a student in the Faculty of Arts. I personally love the First Year Experience Programme, which has been really helpful. The best part is being surrounded by so many open-minded people - all of us striving towards a common goal of achieving great things.

“I love that all my courses intertwine in some way. What I’m learning is so relevant. I have so many questions about the world and, through my lecturers and the subject matter, I’m beginning to get answers to these questions and so many more! Each day I’m learning something new.

“The liberty that we have as students is overwhelming, but definitely in the good way! I love that students have to be independent learners and take responsibility for themselves and their learning. It gives me insight into what the ‘real world’ will be like.”

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