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Po Tsz Wong

Po Tsz Wong completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Korean and minor in Japanese, and is currently an English Language teacher in Hong Kong.

Po Tsz Wong

"I have recently completed my BA, majoring in Korean and minoring in Japanese with the School of Asian Studies. It has been an amazing learning process as I have received so much knowledge about the different languages and contemporary issues in Asia.

“After my exchange experience in Korea through the TaLK programme, I fell in love with teaching students English. I find it so rewarding to give back to other people things I have received over the past years at The University of Auckland.

“Currently, I am working in an English Center in Hong Kong, teaching English to young learners. Without the support and teaching experience I gained in Korea, I would not have been able to get this job!

“Living in Hong Kong is challenging as I face many cultural differences interacting with many parents from all over Asia. It is definitely beneficial to understand those differences and the different languages – knowledge I feel that my degree with The School of Asian Studies has afforded me.”


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