Phoebe Morley

Phoebe completed a BA/LLB majoring in History, Film, Television and Media Studies, and Law.


“One of the main reasons I chose The University of Auckland was because of its prestigious reputation and internationally recognised profile. A degree from The University of Auckland is highly valued, as well as highly valuable, both at home and overseas, and this provides you with a multitude of opportunities.

“There is a really diverse range of subject areas and courses available for the BA, so for your study one subject area, you often have the opportunity to take courses taught by a range of different departments. This makes your experience at the University truly unique.

“While the transition from high school to University can be daunting, the staff are extremely helpful and accommodating, and are receptive to any enquiries you may have. This makes the transition from secondary school life to tertiary life that much easier. Just do your research and find out what interests you, don’t hesitate to ask, and I can guarantee you will enjoy the entire experience."

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