Mia Chung

Mia is studying for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science conjoint with a double major in Chinese and Geography.

Mia Chung

"Being an Arts student is great, as you have a lot of scope to try a range of different courses to discover what interests you. This flexibility allows to you study something you are passionate about, which is extremely fulfilling and gives you both academic and life skills to succeed in the future.

"When I switched from a Bachelor of Music to Arts in the second semester of my conjoint, all my courses were transferable. In this way, Arts allows you to get a taste of everything without having to start over if you change your mind.

"The University of Auckland also provides opportunities to travel overseas, for example I went to China to study Chinese for a month through a study abroad program. Being exposed to a range of cultures and perspectives also challenges your worldview and teaches you how to think critically.

"Arts also provides you with transferable skills which facilitate understanding in other disciplines. Learning Chinese has provided invaluable insights into an alternative cultural context, which has complemented my Science degree majoring in Human Geography.

"China's growing global influence makes Chinese language an attractive skill set to have, no matter what career path you take."

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