Madhurima Sen

Madhurima is studying for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce conjoint, majoring in Psychology and Economics.

Madhurima Sen

“I have always been curious about human nature and decoding the human mind, so studying Psychology is great to satisfy this curiosity. What I enjoy most about this subject is how observable the psychology concepts are in our own lives. It is comforting to be able to relate the subject material to my own life; it helps me understand myself (and people around me) better. The teaching staff is great, and the lectures are always enjoyable and thought-provoking. Studying psychology both interests and challenges me, which I believe is a great combination to keep me motivated and strive to do my best.

“Economics (which is also available under Arts) is a subject that helps expand my knowledge of the different facets of the world economy and how it functions. This is a subject that is relevant in today’s world; economic knowledge makes reading the business section of the newspaper not as confusing as it was before!

“I chose to attend the University of Auckland because I was well aware of how prestigious it was, and how it offers top quality education to its students. I appreciate the many different courses that are available to students here, and believe that I made a great choice in attending such a prominent university.

“The Faculty of Arts offers a wide variety of subjects, across many fields. I enjoy being able to to pick and choose from such interesting and diverse study topics. From pursuing a passion in film studies to unfamiliar territories in linguistics and global literature, I have been able to gain knowledge in various areas, alongside my chosen major, which greatly added to my understanding of people and society.

“The Arts student centre always have friendly people to help with enrolment and course related inquiries, and the Arts lecturers always offer extra guidance to deepen your knowledge or steer you in the right direction. There are many diverse students studying in the Faculty of Arts, and it is great to interact with so many interesting people with different experiences and passions. I believe this contact (in class and tutorials) is helpful in extending friend networks and study groups.

“I love the student lifestyle here. It is so liberating to have such easy access to an array of clubs and activities. I have always engaged in extra-curricular activities, and have found this to be so beneficial in terms of making friends, and gaining experience and confidence. I have taken part in many business case competitions, a stand-up comedy competition, have danced at the University of Auckland Diwali festival and have been a long time member of the Uniguide Programme (mentorship and leadership programme). I also enjoy the many different events held through the year on campus, proximity to great food places and the freedom of being a tertiary student.

“I encourage undergraduate students to try out different and interesting courses, before narrowing down to a specific field. There is so much assistance provided at university (learning assistance workshops, student centres and so on), as well as so many learning facilities and resources (like computers/laptops, free Wi-Fi access, quiet study areas) – which you should make use of while it is available to you as a student.

“Also, I highly recommend getting involved in extra-curricular activities from your first year onwards. These activities will help you make new friends, find unexpected passions, create memories and maximise your time as an undergraduate student.”

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