Lucy Li

Lucy is studying for a Bachelor of Music (Honours) majoring in Musicology and a Certificate in Languages in French.

Lucy Li

"Being a student in the Faculty of Arts is like being at the cross section where areas of knowledge intersect with each other, or in a huge library with tons of books you want to read that will make you smarter at the end. Studying here gives you a variety of choices of things you may be interested in pursuing further, if you’re quite indecisive like me.

"I love how broad Musicology is as it also concerns history, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy, which I enjoy just as much as music. I also enjoy how studying music entails a nice balance between hands-on involvement and academic study.

"I am also studying French through a Certificate in Languages. I enjoy how we get to use the language every day in class to express our ideas, which has hugely encouraged my confidence in my oral skills.

"It's always been quite an obvious choice for me to study at the University of Auckland. I originally chose to study here because of its excellent music department — I like how small it is so everyone sort of knows each other."

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