Ling Ye

Ling undertook an internship with Teach First NZ as part of the Faculty of Arts internship course.

Ling Ye

“For my Faculty of Arts internship course, I worked for Teach First NZ, an organisation that focuses on finding solutions for educational inequality in New Zealand.

“Teach First NZ is looking to set up a Fair Education Alliance, so I was responsible for researching various other not-for-profits, governments and businesses with a similar vision for tackling educational inequity in New Zealand, and then presenting my findings in a directory booklet.

“The document I made can now be used by Teach First NZ to seek potential partners in setting up the Alliance and for various other purposes.

“Studying Sociology and Criminology has allowed me to think critically about our society. In general, my Arts degree has given me skills in researching, writing and critical analysis, so I knew exactly where to go to research particular information, pick out the important and relevant parts, give it critical thought, and present the information in a coherent manner.

“Definitely give this internship a try. You will quickly realise that the skills you gain in the classroom are immediately transferable in the workplace. The internship will also broaden your skill set and experiences. I feel so much more confident now thinking about my future employment."

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