Lauren Andrews

Lauren undertook an internship at Auckland University Press as part of the Faculty of Arts internship course.

Lauren Andrews

“As part of the Faculty of Arts internship course, I worked with Auckland University Press (AUP).

“During my internship, I examined whether AUP should look into producing more textbooks. I researched the wider textbook market to find out what went wrong, particularly in the United States, and what AUP could do to alleviate those issues.

“I also researched multitudes of courses around New Zealand, looking at ones that might be suitable for developing a textbook. The final part of my project was creating a step-by-step guide and strategy document for AUP’s board to use in future decision making surrounding textbook acquisition.

“My academic research skills came in handy for a large portion of my project. The communication skills and creativity I practiced in my drama study all applied in my workplace. I was also able to apply a combination of time management and receptivity to feedback that I learnt during my studies at the University.

“I cannot emphasise enough how valuable and necessary this course is for undergraduates. To come into an internship that is personalised, engaging, challenging and demonstrates just how many skills I have learnt throughout my time at university was invaluable, and I think the course coordinators did an incredible job.

“It granted me access to a workplace I don't think I would have been able to access on my own – or at least mightn't have thought of working in – giving me an experience I could not have had by myself.

“I will go on to highly recommend this course to every arts student who has room for it in their degree.

“What’s more, I now feel as confident about my employability as my friends in faculties such as Medicine or Engineering who have work experience built into their degree.”

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