Kiralee Schache

Kiralee is studying for a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and History.

Kiralee Schache

“I love Psychology because it gives a wonderful insight into so many areas to do with the human brain and human behaviour. I am fascinated during every lecture at the new things I learn: from areas of the brain and what they are involved in, to reasoning for specific behaviours and personality attributes. I was looking for a challenging subject that crossed many different subject areas and I found Psychology and I really love it! It combines scientific concepts, practical applications and theory together.

“History may seem to some like a strange subject to combine with Psychology, but History is fascinating in itself. I love learning about the past, how attitudes to the past today differ from reality and attitudes actually from the past. I love connecting the dots between what happened yesterday to 10 years ago to 1000 years ago.

The Faculty of Arts provides a great basis for anyone who has wide interests, and doing an Arts degree lets you choose subjects you are interested and subjects you love. No matter which subjects you take in an Arts degree, they all link together in some way, and it is great to be able to make connections between all facets of your degree.

“Studying in the Faculty of Arts has provided me with valuable skills I will use for a lifetime and being able to study so many diverse subjects is one of the reasons why these skills become easy to acquire and put into practice.

“I live in Auckland, and I wanted to go to a University close to my home. More importantly, I researched many different Universities and found that Auckland had the subjects and the courses that fit right for me. When choosing a University I also considered postgraduate options at the University of Auckland, and looking through those really helped me envisage my future – one I could establish the groundwork for at the University of Auckland.

“The student lifestyle is great at Auckland. There is so much support from tutors, lecturers and support staff. On top of that, there are so many people in your classes (in your first year anyway) it is hard not to make friends! There is heaps to do on campus, plenty of amazing food places to check out and all the support a student could need – doctors, a pharmacy, a post shop, a technology store, various bank branches and academic tutorials – to name a few! There are many great places to study, and plenty of places to socialise or wait for classes.

“I’d advise new students to take every opportunity offered to you that will help you get experience and add value to your study. There is so much to get involved with: it’s just a matter of stepping outside your comfort zone sometimes!

“Always start your assignments early – it really helps reduce stress closer to the day. Maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst studying, and this in turn will help to reduce anxiety, improve concentration and ultimately benefit you in the long run. Try to get at least 7 hours sleep, exercise at least 5 days a week if you can, and make healthy food choices. It IS possible!

“Above all – during your study – maintain a positive attitude and always look for things to be grateful for on your University journey. If you ever start to feel down - fix your eyes on the prize (the capping gown and the degree..!) Find something you love, and do it with all of your heart – then you will truly get the most out of your University experience!”

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