Katherine Torres

Katherine completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Classical Studies and minor in Art History.

Katherine Torres

“Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with the rich culture, society and history of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, so it was inevitable that I would choose to study it at tertiary level. The variety of courses on offer within the subject allows me to pursue different interests – from art to literature to philosophy to mythology.

“Being a student in the Faculty of Arts means that I am not limited to the study of one area of interest. Throughout my degree, I have been able to study Latin, Anthropology, European Studies and Art History. I’ve therefore been exposed to a greater range of knowledge and perspectives which has not only enriched my study, but also my mind and myself as a whole.

“The staff within Classics and Ancient History are incredibly supportive and have some of the best lecturers I have had the pleasure to learn from. They express passion for the subjects they teach which is infectious and are very encouraging and helpful to those, like myself, who are planning on pursuing further study in the field.”

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