Kate Roberts-Gray

Kate is studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws conjoint majoring in Politics and International Relations.

Kate Roberts-Gray

“I love how politics is applicable to everyday life. The subject takes its vibrancy from the way we can see it reflected in society. I am particularly interested in the history of political systems. Knowing how our system came to be gives me the ability to sense the way in which policies may play out and how they will affect us not just within the scope of politics but culturally and socially.

“As a student in the Faculty of Arts, it is so exciting being in a room of future leaders. We are all like-minded people who want to discuss ideas that we have all come to be extremely interested in.

“The Faculty of Arts is also a great place to be if you are a determined person who aims high. The only limit to doing well in a Bachelor of Arts is your own willpower, because the opportunities to extend yourself are endless.

“My Summer Research Scholarship, for example, allowed me to work with academic staff, Masters students, and even meet research Professors at Swinburne University in Melbourne.  I was exposed to research materials that I never considered before such as Microtexts and Parliamentary Journals. I look forward to carrying the research skills I acquired from this opportunity into my final year as an undergraduate and into my career.

“You will often hear people saying that university is ‘hard work’. Although this is true, I find that people often omit a crucial component of this statement - that you need to enjoy what you’re studying.  My studies have become an integral part of my life and I would encourage any student to strive for the same.”

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