Joanna Giles

Joanna is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History and Drama.

Joanna Giles

“I knew I wanted to go to the University of Auckland from the moment I arrived at Courses and Careers Day. The students were so helpful and they painted a great picture of student life.

“Studying Arts gives me the flexibility to choose interesting topics outside of my majors. This broadens my knowledge and makes studying more varied and enjoyable. For example, I never thought about learning Italian or studying the history of music before.

“The Faculty of Arts is a great place to belong to. The lecturers are truly brilliant and have inspired me to continue studying here after my BA to become a teacher — maybe even a lecturer. I have made so many friends and been reconnected with old ones taking the same courses as me. It was the classes I came for, but it's the people I stay for. I wouldn't change them for the world.”

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