Jerome de Vries

Jerome undertook an internship with Teach First NZ as part of the Faculty of Arts internship course.

Jerome with his mentor from Teach First NZ, Liam Munday.
Jerome with his mentor from Teach First NZ, Liam Munday.

“As part of the Faculty of Arts internship course I worked with Teach First NZ, an organisation that aims to address educational inequality in New Zealand.

“My role was to review the marketing strategies used by Teach First NZ when branding itself to university students. I analysed their previous marketing materials, talked to advisors, and conducted independent research to assist my final recommendations.

“The project exposed me to areas of work that I had not previously engaged with. I was able to learn more about the non-profit sector, and gained an inside understanding of the rewards and challenges that arise from charitable work.

“I had an opportunity to learn from marketing professionals, and was able to produce an effective end result despite my lack of prior experience. The project indicated the wide variety of work that can be done with the skills gained through a Bachelor of Arts.

“My BA subjects have given me experience in research, writing, presentation and critical thinking. These were immediately transferrable to my project.

“The organisation gave me a lot of leeway to work at my own pace. I could determine how I wanted to pursue my end goals, and was given ample opportunities to indicate where I thought the project could be tacked in a different manner. This freedom made me feel more like an advisor than a student undertaking a project, and made the process more rewarding.

“The project affirmed my ability to conduct research, process information, and convert that data into a manageable output. It also drew upon my skills in oral and written communication. These skills will be useful in my future career, especially in advisory or research-based roles.

“The Faculty of Arts internship course is a great chance to apply yourself to practical fields, and a good chance to broaden your experiences and apply yourself to different environments.”

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