Jed Misa

Jed is studying for a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in Politics and International Relations and Sociology.

Jed Misa

“I’ve just started at Uni, and so far I find that my subjects – Sociology and Politics and International Relations - complement each other very well. They look at similar subject matter from different perspectives which I think allows for a much wider range of knowledge to be gained. Sociology encourages a type of critical thinking that has made such an impact on the way I see life, and Politics and International Relations gives me practical examples in the past and present to apply my sociological mind to.

“Student lifestyle at Auckland is never boring. Events are happening all the time. There are lots of things to do and lots of places to see; friends to meet; parties to be had! It’s great to get stuck in to as many things as you can, but you just have to be sure to balance your social life with your studies!

“It’s great studying in the Faculty of Arts. There is so much support and so many avenues for students to find help - whether it be from your lecturers, tutors, staff at the university, or various support programmes. There is also such a variety of cultures and people you come across everyday - all with different aspirations.

“Being an Arts student is more than just a bit of all right, it’s pretty boss!”

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