Jasmin Singh

Jasmin is from Malaysia and is studying for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science conjoint in Criminology and Psychology.

Jasmin Singh

“I chose to study Psychology and Criminology because I was interested in learning about human behaviour and all the crossover between psychology and crime that happens on crime TV shows was very interesting to me.  

“I wanted to study at the University of Auckland because I heard that it is a good university with a really great psychology programme. I’m still quite unsure about what I intend to do after university. I’m interested in maybe being a forensic psychologist or working with individuals that have neurodegenerative diseases.

“I think that studying at the University of Auckland is very helpful. You can always get advice about what you can do in the future, you can talk to lecturers and other academic staff and attend numerous career and faculty events.

“I like that there’s always so much to do in Auckland. There’s always a new restaurant to try or a festival or a new installation at the art gallery to see. It makes living in Auckland such a fun and interesting experience.

“I think that the University is a mirror of the diversity present in Auckland. There are so many people from different countries and backgrounds that come together and learn about one another through University-hosted events, as well as from interaction in classes.”

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