Honor Kerry

Honor is studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws conjoint majoring in Politics and International Relations.

Honor Kerry

“Studying Politics and International Relations allows you to gain a broader understanding of the ‘big’ issues happening in the world. I feel that I am dealing with subject matter that has real consequences, not only for my life but for others all over the globe.

“Politics is a discipline which lends itself to both looking back into the past and also looking to the future. Political study also extends outside of New Zealand to look at the wider world and our place in it. In this way, studying Politics makes me feel connected to the world and has given me a huge understanding of how the world is, was and could be in the future.

“The Faculty of Arts is a diverse and dynamic place which a huge range of disciplines and people to engage with. Lecturers are passionate about their area of expertise so as a student I always know that what I am being taught is relevant, current and of first-class quality.

“There is a lot of freedom and flexibility in your study to research and learn about what you are really interested in. Studying Arts makes me feel like a connected, knowledgeable member of our global society with an ability to think critically and have a good grasp on what is going on in the world around me.

“Auckland is a city which connects New Zealand to the world. The University of Auckland reflects this, putting students at the heart of all that is going around them. The University of Auckland has a prestigious international ranking and offers a huge range of courses as well as having a great student culture, offering a lively environment to live and learn in.

As a student there is never a dull moment, with plenty of people to meet and places to explore. Living in a busy city like Auckland means I can constantly see where my studies are leading to in terms of careers and can also enjoy all of the social benefits that the city offers alongside my study.

“Studying in the Faculty of Arts is definitely challenging but with so many courses to choose from, it is definitely never arduous. As a first year student, it’s important to take the chance to try out a variety of different subjects, and not be afraid to look for help and guidance when you need it.”

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