Harriet Winn

Harriet is studying for a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in History and Theological and Religious Studies.

Harriet Winn

“I find studying History exceptionally enlightening; it has helped me deconstruct many of my prejudices and preconceptions about both historiography and the power structures that operate within contemporary society.

“Theological and Religious Studies is equally as fascinating. Religion permeates countless cultures around the world. Critical study of religion has allowed me to reconsider how I think about religion and to analyse religious texts, such as the Bible, afresh. THEOREL 101 Bible and Popular Culture taught me to think critically about how the Bible is employed and manipulated in order to fulfil cultural and political agendas.

“Studying Theological and Religious Studies alongside History is incredibly complementary as I find that having a deeper understanding of religion allows me to access mindsets of the past more freely. Religion and History are deeply intertwined subjects.

“I enjoy being challenged, and these subjects both challenge and stimulate me intellectually.

“I am originally from West London, but moved to Wellington with my family five years ago. I chose to study at the University of Auckland because it is the best university in New Zealand, and I wanted to move away from home to a large city.

“I am currently considering journalism, teaching, or working for the Ministry of Social Development when I graduate.

“Study because you are interested, and not because you think you ought to. If you study what you love, you will be more engaged, and more likely to excel. Try different subjects in your first year to get a scope of the various options you have — you may be surprised and discover something new and intriguing.

“University life is excellent fun — dive in head first.”

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