Grace Stacey-Jacobs

Grace completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws conjoint, with a BA double major in Political Studies and Sociology.

Grace Stacey-Jacobs
Grace with Mike Rann, the Premier of South Australia

“Political Studies is my main interest, and more specifically I’m fundamentally interested in policy. Ultimately I want to be in government. I’ve come from a very politically engaged family - I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with politics, how it all happens, how policy gets implemented. I have always had an opinion.

“I recently had the opportunity to complete a Political Studies summer internship in South Australia. It was the perfect internship in a fantastic and fast-paced workplace. I’ve had this exceptional good fortune so early in my career to see leaders such as the Premier of South Australia in action, as well as seeing how policy is implemented and decisions are made. It has given me invaluable insight.

“Whether I go to work first or not, I do want to do my Master of Public Policy here at the Faculty of Arts. I’m excited by the idea we are positioning Auckland as a more significant policy powerhouse in New Zealand.”

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