Georgia-Jane Rippin

Georgia-Jane is studying for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws conjoint majoring in Māori Studies.

Georgia-Jane Rippin

“I enjoy the breadth that a degree in Māori Studies offers. It has allowed me to practice my language skills as te reo Māori is a compulsory part of a Māori Studies major and I’ve been able to take two Media, Film and Television courses on Māori and Indigenous media, as well as some Writing Studies courses. This semester I’m taking an Art History course focusing on Māori art.

“I’ve loved doing the Stage III creative writing course taught by recently-returned writer Paula Morris. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to be taught by one of New Zealand’s leading writers in such a small class environment. Every class is so stimulating and the chance to get personalised feedback from her and my classmates has been invaluable.

“I would love to write for a television show like HBO’s Girls or Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. A Law and Arts conjoint has given me excellent critical thinking skills and I would relish the opportunity to get my critique out to the masses, in the form of comedy.

“The University of Auckland is great. It has the top law school in the country so you get bragging rights to your friends at Vic and Otago and it’s also such a great vibe going to University in a city which isn’t purely a ‘student city’.

“The world is still functioning around your study in Auckland and I love that! It means that you can link into opportunities as you study like internships or work experience, all opportunities that are very compatible with the degree you’re already studying.”

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