George Greig

George is studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws conjoint with a double major in Sociology and Media, Film and Television.

George Greig

“My subjects constantly push my perspective and understanding.

Sociology continuously challenges and redevelops the way I see our world. But, in typical sociological fashion, it always leaves me with more questions than answers. It’s these questions that I look forward to answering in the coming years.

“I can’t get enough of my Media, Film and Television studies. The course has taken my dearest films, videogames and television shows and flipped them upside down. I have dissected Shortland Street, watched and re-watched The Incredibles and played endless missions on Call of Duty all in the name of my degree.

“I haven’t made any definite decisions about the career I would like to pursue after graduation. My ideal choices would involve working with people for people. Sociology looks at modern society while MFTV makes sense of the way we communicate through technology. I aim to use this relationship, and a little hustle, to open doors and find my ideal role.

“It’s a very liberating experience studying in the Faculty of Arts. You always feel unrestrained and free to write, analyse and critique the things that you’re interested in. You approach new courses with an anticipation of how it will add to your own interests.

“If you ever get a little lost there’s a strong support system to help you out. For example, coming straight from high school I brought my troublesome essay-writing habits from internals and exams. I spent a good part of my first year in tutorials and supplementary workshops improving my writing skills.

“As an Arts student you are constantly improving your skills and applying them to things you enjoy.”

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