Fergus Woods

Fergus completed a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Linguistics and a minor in Spanish.

Fergus Woods


“I really enjoy learning about how language works – from the most basic level of sounds, such as phonetics and phonology, to the complex ways in which ideas are organised in terms of information structure.

“I think that to get the most out of your tertiary education, you have to be into what you’re studying – if you are, then you’ll naturally do well. Once you’ve found your passion, then you can pursue that passion with proper energy and motivation.

“That’s why studying in the Faculty of Arts is good if you’re unsure of your path, because it allows you to find your own way in good time. What’s the point in having a degree in something that you’re not interested in? It’s better to find something that you naturally want to learn about and do well in.”

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