Erin O'Flaherty

Erin is studying for a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Japanese.

Erin O'Flaherty

"Being an Arts student is great! During your degree, you're able to take a range of subjects. I also really enjoy the wide range of topics that is available within each subject. For example, when studying English, you have the opportunity to be exposed to and consider in detail a wide range of texts. Literature is a medium through which to view history, culture and society, so being exposed to a variety of texts means you are exposed to a variety of different worldviews and perspectives.

"I studied part-time in my first year because I was tossing up being doing a degree at the University of Auckland or going somewhere else. I decided to take a couple of courses in the meantime, to keep up my Japanese language skills and to see what it was like.

"This was a great decision, because it gave me a taste of the academic environment and made me realise that was where I wanted to be.

"The thing I enjoy most about an Arts degree is that it teaches you to think — no matter what subject you take, you are able to be constantly questioning, and I think that is the mindset young people should have going out into the world.”

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