Emma Haslip

Emma completed a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in Linguistics and Psychology.

Emma Haslip

“Being a student in the Faculty of Arts has been very rewarding. I have been lucky with Psychology being offered through both Arts and Science in that I have been able to complete a comprehensive degree without needing to do a conjoint degree.

“Doing a double major in Psychology and Linguistics has been really interesting for me. I have really enjoyed seeing how the two disciplines come together at the upper undergraduate level. Stage three has been particularly rewarding for me as the classes become smaller and you have the opportunity to work closer with your lecturers. Both Psychology and Linguistics have a wide variety of courses offered and the freedom to focus on areas that you are really interested in as you progress.

“I chose the University of Auckland both for its international reputation and the convenience of being located in my home city. Our University has some of the top academics in their field, and there is an abundance of opportunity to not only learn from, but work alongside, these people, with summer studentships and postgraduate options.”

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