Emma Bray

Emma is studying for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws conjoint with a double major in Gender Studies and Politics and International Relations.

Emma Bray

"Gender Studies is my biggest passion and the reason why I am at university.

"Gender pervades everything we do, and I find that studying it has opened my eyes and helped me to better understand the world around me. It has challenged me to reflect and work on my own prejudices, and has motivated me to want to make change and deconstruct oppressive power structures.

"I also love my politics major. I'm particularly interested in New Zealand politics and public policy. Understanding how our government works, what our political parties do, and the ideas behind their politics, is vital.

"I love studying in the Faculty of Arts. I enjoy being challenged, and I love the incredible variety of things I learn and how stimulating it is.

“I am looking to go into a career that best utilises the skills I have learnt in studying the combination of law, politics and gender. I can see myself working in public policy, for non-governmental organisations, or something that is human rights-based.

"I am originally from Christchurch, but I moved up to Auckland to study. The student lifestyle at Auckland is vibrant and fun.

"I'm in a big believer in studying what you are interested in and passionate about, because you are much more likely to succeed. In first year, there are a lot of different options to explore, so get a feel of what you like but also maybe try something a bit different — you never know, you might find your calling!"

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