Elizabeth Newton-Jackson

Elizabeth is studying for a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Art History and Theological and Religious Studies.

Elizabeth Newton-Jackson

“I was born in Hamilton and had lived there all my life until moving to Auckland last year. Studying in Auckland has been a great way to leave home without going too far away!

“Both of my majors are intellectually stimulating and push me to understand multiple viewpoints. I have learnt to look at both art and religious texts in a range of new and illuminating ways.

“I have found that the two subjects consistently complement and enrich each other. The ways of thinking I am introduced to in my Theological and Religious Studies courses often influence my approach to the Art History component of my degree and vice-versa.

“I am taking courses that engage me and encourage me to critically assess my own existing opinions and judgements.

“My degree is broadening my world-view and preparing me for a future in which it will be crucial to have a diverse skill set. I expect both challenges and exciting opportunities to arise as long as I continue to engage with what interests me.

“Auckland is a great location for a varied student lifestyle. The university is integrated into the centre of the city so there is always something happening, but the sea is also close by and there are parks and gardens within easy walking distance.

“I have lived in student accommodation for both years of my degree so far and I have found it both fun and valuable. It is a great way to get to know people doing different degrees who you wouldn’t otherwise meet, and to make life-long friends.”

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