Courtney Sina Meredith

Courtney completed a Bachelor of Arts in English and Politics and International Relations. She is the newly appointed Project Manager for the Faculty of Creative Arts at MIT and her poetry and prose have been translated and published around the world.

Courtney BBC
Photo credit: Ali Ghandtschi

“My role as Project Manager for the Faculty of Creative Arts at Manukau Institute of Technology is to lead the development and implementation of commercial opportunities across the Faculty. The role builds on my previous experience in commercial partnerships management in London and my time as an Arts Advisor for Auckland Council that allowed me to work with some of the region’s most promising artists.

 “The highlights of my writing career include being invited to the House of Lords by the BBC in 2014 to discuss the future of Britain, launching my first book of poetry Brown Girls in Bright Red Lipstick at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2012, the publication of my first play in the same year, and my residency at the Bleibtreu Berlin in Germany in 2011”  

“My time in the Faculty of Arts was one of formative exploration. I liked the vision of becoming a critical thinker, which is a lifelong objective – one that I continually strive for. Having a degree from the University of Auckland has given me access to networks and opportunities that would have taken me decades to craft single-handedly.”

Courtney was the first New Zealander, the first Pacific Islander and the youngest artist to be selected as writer in residence for the LiteraturRaum Bleibtreu in Berlin.