Catherine Forrest

Catherine is studying for a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Linguistics and Sociology.

Catherine Forrest

“When I started my degree I already had the goal of getting into the Master of Speech Language Therapy Practice, which is the best in New Zealand. There is a clear pathway into this programme through studying Linguistics, so I chose to study at the University of Auckland.

“I have enjoyed the diversity of learning styles and assignment types across my two majors. This has seen a lot of variety throughout my degree, as Linguistics and Sociology are very different subject areas.

“My planned postgraduate study will expand on aspects of both my Linguistics and Sociology majors. After this, I would be a qualified speech-language therapist.

“As a student in the Faculty of Arts you are exposed to a wide range of subject areas and interesting people. No matter what you are interested in, there is a course for you!

“There is always something going on at the University, whether it is a quiz at Shadows, a stein or a panel of experts presenting unique topics. There is also a huge variety of clubs to join – you are never bored.

“Auckland is a great university, with so many people willing to help you make the best of your education.

“Never be afraid to ask questions!”

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