Cassandra Hum

Cassandra is studying for a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Linguistics and Education.

Cassaandra Hum

“Alongside my double major in Linguistics and Education, I have also taken courses in Anthropology and Philosophy. I love how these subjects are completely different from the ones I could have taken while I was in college. They extend the borders of how I see the world and my future.

“The subjects I have taken so far have definitely helped to develop my growing interest in my potential career, as well as discover new possibilities.

“Once I graduate I would like a career that involves helping people in speech, language and communication. Becoming a speech therapist is something I planned to do coming into university. After a year of being here, I have also begun to consider paths in research, teaching and professions working with people with different disabilities.

“I live in Auckland, and thought about venturing to universities elsewhere. But I found that I didn’t have to as the University of Auckland provided me with the most suitable pathway into potential careers.

“In the Faculty of Arts I’m able to keep my options open and explore the subjects that relate to speech therapy (and also the ones that don't) before deciding if I actually want to pursue it. If I don’t, the best part about having a Bachelor of Arts is that I won’t have wasted time studying something I wasn’t passionate about. I will already have a degree that allows me to get into a wide range of careers.

“The Faculty of Arts is excellent at providing a better platform for undergraduates to leap from. Its unique First Year Experience programme guides students through the different aspects of university life, with events to take part in and words of wisdom dished out throughout the year. Personally, it’s made me feel more certain about my place as a student at university; that I’m not just here to get a degree but I’m part of something more.”

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