Caroline Coates

Caroline is studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts conjoint majoring in Politics and International Relations.

Caroline Coates

“I love how clearly my subjects translate to world issues. Being able to directly apply theory to real situations has allowed me to grasp the direction of my courses. My classwork has translated directly to practical real world knowledge that will not only help me in my future career, but has also taught me so many things about being both a New Zealander and a world citizen.

“For students like me with an interest in the international, Auckland is a fantastic place to be, because it is New Zealand’s gateway to the wider world. I chose to come to the University of Auckland because I think that our outward-looking university provides the perfect atmosphere for witnessing the overlap between the domestic and the international.

“There is something for everyone in an Arts degree, and I know that many conjoint students including myself find this freedom particularly welcome as other degrees do not provide students with the same amount of choice in their early years. Despite this variety, however, I have found that the underlying themes in many of my Arts courses have related to each other despite differing subject matter. Being able to see everything coming together in this way is one of my absolute favourite parts of being an Arts student.

“Being from Christchurch, the part of the Auckland student lifestyle that had the biggest impact is my time in the Halls of Residence. I can’t recommend the Auckland Halls experience enough. The student atmosphere is something that cannot be duplicated, and the location of the University means that you get all the perks of big city life as a young person. Auckland students are young people studying in the inner city with others our age: think American sitcoms!

“To students thinking about studying at Auckland, I’d say ‘don’t be afraid to take chances when you go to university’. Try something completely new: take every opportunity that comes to you; move into a hall; study a subject that you didn’t have the chance to learn at school. You may find your calling in the most surprising of places!”

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