Barbara So

Barbara is studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws conjoint degree majoring in Sociology and Psychology.

Barbara So

“I have always been interested in learning about the dynamics of social interactions and relationships, which is why I decided to do a double major in Sociology and Psychology. I find that both subjects complement with each other very well. The critical thinking and analytical skills I acquired from my social science courses have really made a positive impact on how I perceive and make sense of social reality.

“Being a student in the Faculty of Arts has been a challenging yet a very rewarding experience. It is always so wonderful to see that the lecturers are very passionate about sharing their knowledge with their students, while the students are so eager to learn from the academic staff at the same time.

“I chose to study at The University of Auckland primarily because of its renowned academic standing both nationally and internationally. As such, employers regard highly students who have graduated with a degree from our university. I believe that the skills students are taught in the Faculty of Arts really do prepare them well for their next step in life.”

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