Anuja Mitra

Anuja is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws conjoint majoring in English and Classical Studies.

Anuja Mitra

“I’ve always loved refining my communication skills and my ability to understand the world, and studying for a Bachelor of Arts provides an opportunity to do just this.

“I’m working toward an Arts and Law conjoint, majoring in English and Classical Studies. Deciding what to major in was tough, as there were so many interesting subjects on offer. Luckily, a BA is a flexible degree so you never really have to feel tied down.

 “Studying literature enables us to appreciate different perspectives and to accurately express our own. Studying the past, meanwhile, gives us the chance to examine events that still affect us today.

“Being an Arts student is a fulfilling experience; you make like-minded friends and explore lots of new subjects that weren’t on offer in high school. Arts subjects aren’t all just English or social science-based; you can delve into surprisingly diverse fields and get a well-rounded learning experience.

“The student lifestyle at the University of Auckland is great. There’s an almost ridiculous range of extra-curricular clubs you can join, and the positioning of the campus allows you to quickly walk in and out of the central city to take some time out with friends or grab some food.”

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